Refit Ship Interior

Specialist in specials!
Refit: sometimes referred to as refurbishment, repair or renovation. Esme Marine specialises in repair and refit projects for professional marine applications: ships for seagoing and inland navigation, ferries, crew accommodation for yachts and offshore platforms. These projects vary from the repair of parts of the accommodation, for example after a fire or water damage, to providing a complete new accommodation solution in the case of larger refurbishments. We supply the whole project turn key; including engineering, procurement, production and assembly on location. All parts of your accommodation can be refurbished where necessary: insulation, floors, walls, doors, ceilings, furnishings and upholstery.

Our own experienced teams dismantle and remove old materials, then construct the new accommodation. We can perform this completely independently, or together with the crew, the workforce, or employees of the shipyard.

Ready while you wait or underway!

In the case of larger refit projects a ship will mostly be laid up in a shipyard. We perform the agreed works in cooperation with the shipyard and other specialists, in accordance with the preplanned timetable.
In order to save time we increasingly carry out our work while the ship is underway. We come aboard with all the necessary materials, do the project on board, and finish everything off without loss of time.
We refurbish wheelhouses, galleys, mess rooms, cabins, douches, toilets, staircases, storage areas, etc. To gain an impression you will find a number of the projects we have realised under the heading ‘Impression’.

Would you like to request a quotation for your Refit project?

Are you planning to modernise your accommodation, or do you have repairs that need to be carried out immediately?

Call or email us and we will come and take a look, and offer you a suitable solution.

Based on your ideas/sketches we will make a quotation with an accompanying timetable. If you wish, we can put together an outline/design of your new layout. If desired we can create a design for you in ACAD and/or an artist’s impression.