Esme Marine carries out newbuild projects on seagoing ships, inland navigation ships, ferries, and crew accommodation of yachts worldwide.

We deliver the whole project turn key: including engineering, procurement, production and assembly on location. All parts of the accommodation can be supplied: insulation, floors, walls, ceilings, furniture and upholstery..

Our own experienced teams carry out the work. We can do this fully independently and/or with the crew and/or the employees of the shipyard.

We also supply complete accommodation packages. All necessary materials for insulation, floors, walls, doors, ceilings, furniture and upholstery are shipped in containers, together with complete drawings and assembly instructions. The accommodation is assembled and fitted on location by the customer’s own fitters, and in many cases we provide a supervisor along with the package, to supervise construction.

Would you like to request a quotation for a Newbuild project?

Based on your ideas/sketches we will make a quotation with an accompanying timetable. If you wish, we can put together an outline/design of your new layout. If desired we can create a design for you in ACAD and/or an artist’s impression.

Call or email us and we will come and take a look, and offer you a suitable solution.